Caisec ’22 Concludes with Unmatched Success

72 Speakers in 11 Interactive Conference Sessions

130% More Visitors than Originally Announced

Caisec ’22.1: A Second Exceptional Round in 2022 Along Cairo ICT


The first round of caisec – The Cyber & Information Security Exhibition and Conference – held under the slogan “Cybersecurity at Times of Crisis” on June 13 and 14, concluded with great admiration from all those who were present at the venue and even those who were not, but heard about it from media or followed it up on the live streaming channels.

Ossama Kamal – Chairman and CEO Mercury Communications – gave the final statement of the conference, saying: “caisec ’22 saw high-level presence from government ministers, representatives of important bodies and a more than double of the pre-event-announced number of attendees”.

72 speakers from within and outside Egypt, from sectors related to the conference topics, discussed along 2 days in 11 interactive session vital and strategic issues pertaining to Cybersecurity, now a pressing topic of our time.

caisec ’22 took place while world interest in cybercrime and cyberattacks is on the rise, as political leaders found no escape from confronting them to maintain their nations’ sovereignty and integrity.

Caisec ’22 had a list of recommendations that can move the entire technology scene at large, and the cybersecurity sector in particular. “These recommendations will be raised to the highest level of decision-makers”, Kamal said

Welcome Note – Ossama Kamal



Caisec ’22 Highlights

Caisec ’22 keynote speech by H.E. Minister of Finance Dr. Mohamed Maait

Caisec ’22 keynote speech was given by H.E. Minister of Finance Dr. Mohamed Maait, who describe how the entire financial and fiscal systems, including taxes and invoicing, are becoming momentarily available online. “As much as this presents itself as an excellent opportunity and overview for our decision-making process, it also poses a threat to our ability to keep the data safe from any incident”, the Minister said, “and such conference helps in offering the best means to do so properly”, he added.

H.E. Minister of Higher Education and Acting Minister of Health Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, spoke at the opening of caisec ’22 about two levels; the first is providing the necessary curricula for college students to offer a market short of experts the needed entry levels of young professionals. “And as our health systems are all coming online, cyber, data and information security are much needed to protect patient privacy and medical records, let alone automated processes in hospitals”, Dr. Abdel Ghaffar said.

Caisec ’22 keynote speech by H.E. Minister of Higher Education and Acting Minister of Health Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar

A significant shift in military industries and research was presented in the address of Minister of Military Production Gen. Mohamed Morsy, who spoke about specialized centres to train professionals on the new trends of cybersecurity.

One of the main highlights that was much admired by the audience was a presentation highlighting the 5th Warfare domain, namely cyberwars. General Ashraf Eleiwa presented the different generations of warfare up to how armies of the advanced world have taken this domain to represented the new corps in their armies. “This did not happen few months ago, but it officially took place more than a decade ago, some are defensive and others offensive”, he said

Presentation: 5th Warfare Domain (Cyber):

General Ashraf Elewa – Egyptian Armed Forces



Caisec ’22 keynote speech by Chairman of Egypt’s Stock Exchange Mohamed Farid


Chairman of Egypt’s Stock Exchange Mohamed Farid highlighted the entire digital transformation of the system to be fully online, thus requiring the solutions exhibited at caisec and even more. “We do not stop digging for more effective systems, as the attacks and threats are becoming more complex, defensive measures need to be more innovative and effective”, Farid said.

Egypt’s banking system is considered one of the most advanced in adopting cybersecurity measures, as the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) drew an entire framework of regulations to be followed by all banks working in Egypt. The CBE SOC is now instrumental in providing banks with alarms about new trends in cyber attacks and ways to confront them.

This is why all banking CISOs and CSOs were present along the 2-day conference. They even held their closed meeting at the conference, part of which included presentations from local and international solution providers. 45 CISOs and CSOs came up with their own recommendations at the close of their meeting.

Caisec ’22 Conference

Honoured to have their Excellencies at the opening of CAISEC 22

H.E. Mohamed Morsy – Minister of Military Production

H.E. Kamel Al Wazir – Minister of Transport

H.E. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar – Minister of Higher Education & Acting Minister of Health

H.E.  Ali Al-Moselhi – Minister of Supply and Internal Trade

H.E.  Mohamed Maait  – Minister of Finance 

H.E. Mohamed Manar – Minister of Civil Aviation




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