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caisec '24 : Elevating the Standards of Cybersecurity Excellence

Prepare to be astounded as caisec ’24, the eminent cyber and information security exhibition and conference, gears up to surpass all expectations, promising an even grander, more impressive spectacle than its predecessor. Building on the resounding success of caisec ’23, which drew over 3,500 attendees, caisec ’24 is poised to elevate the standards of cybersecurity excellence to unparalleled heights. Anticipate an extraordinary lineup of over 150 esteemed speakers, delivering unparalleled insights and knowledge in the dynamic realm of cybersecurity. With an expanded agenda encompassing over 110 sessions that include enthralling panel discussions, immersive workshops, and illuminating presentations, caisec ’24 is set to cater to an even wider spectrum of interests within the cybersecurity domain. Furthermore, expect an expanded exhibition featuring 40 plus cutting-edge exhibitors, providing attendees with an exclusive opportunity to explore the forefront of industry innovations. Get ready to witness the triumph beyond measure as caisec ’24 reaffirms its position as the foremost gathering for cybersecurity professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts, dedicated to amplifying their expertise and fostering invaluable connections within the community

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Triumph Beyond Measure! caisec '23: A Stellar Showcase of Cybersecurity Ingenuity and United Expertise

caisec ’23, the cyber and information security exhibition and conference, reached its conclusion with unparalleled success, attracting an impressive gathering of over 3,500 attendees from around the world. The event featured more than 90 renowned speakers, who shared their insights and knowledge in the field of cybersecurity, enriching the experience for all participants. With a diverse agenda comprising over 80 sessions, including captivating panel discussions, hands-on workshops, and insightful presentations, the conference catered to a wide array of interests in the realm of cybersecurity. In addition, 36 exhibitors displayed cutting-edge products and services, offering attendees a chance to explore the latest innovations in the industry. caisec ’23 has indisputably established itself as a premier event for cybersecurity professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts seeking to expand their knowledge and network within the community

caisec '23 Speakers

caisec is the go-to platform for CISOs to gain valuable insights

• Meet your customers and potential customers

• Build strong relationships with a market hungry for your services

• Be part of the cybersecurity scene while it is still in the making


• Spread awareness about the need for cyber resilience

• Coach and get coached by cybersecurity leaders

• Hear case studies about success and failure in complex security

• Penetrate new markets

• Position your products and services among world leaders