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caisec '23: Cybersecurity in a New World Order

It’s becoming increasingly clear that the world of tomorrow is being crafted by powerful forces – and it has become crucial for us to be prepared. As we make strides towards a more interconnected future, cybersecurity must stand as one of our foremost priorities if we are to safeguard against malicious intent from external threats. Nowhere else can this message ring truer than at caisec ’23, where leaders in cyber security will come together around the theme: Cybersecurity In A New World Order!

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caisec '23

Hottest Cybersecurity Technology Trends : Thousands of vendors and service providers launch new products every day. We shall hear about the latest trends and tips on how to determine which technologies are best to secure your enterprise.

A CISO’s Experience in Adopting Cybersecurity Technologies

Enterprises are struggling to secure an existing variety of endpoint and user-owned mobile devices, significantly on the rise because of the work-from-home policies are becoming dominant CISOs have to rethink their security strategies on an enterprise scale. What are the recommendations to build a strategy across physical and virtual devices?

Securing the Hybrid Workforce

Most enterprises already have a wide range of security products installed. Accordingly, an experienced CISO discusses the best approach to integrate fresh technologies into existing security environment to best bolster defenses.

Protecting Cloud Assets

Cloud-based technologies for many, led to vulnerabilities and a new wave of threats. How can we expand the use of the cloud without exposing ourselves to new vulnerabilities? Let’s take a look at emerging cloud security technologies and threats that target cloud-based services.

The Next Generation SOC

SOCs are evolving at a rapid pace, and while many are adding capabilities such as threat hunting, tools such as orchestration and XDR, the way security teams collect nd analyze threat data is also changing. In this session, we shall learn how SOC analysts are improving data security

Rethinking Authentication: A World Without Passwords

In today's world, data protection requires stronger authentication beyond traditional passwords. What is beyond passwords? What are the strategies around authentication and authorization? What kind of tools and technologies are in place to help enterprises move past passwords? Understand the challenges of rolling out new authentication technologies

Security Planning: Ask the Right Questions

Are you asking the right questions about potential scenarios when thinking about disaster recovery and business continuity? Rather than approach security from a reactive perspective, we should always be planning for the future by asking questions as: What could go wrong? What could happen if an earthquake demolished your building? What if a country invaded yours? We need to take note and start answering the questions.

Stay ahead of cybercrime with thought provoking solutions from the industry leaders at caisec!

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caisec is the go-to platform for CISOs to gain valuable insights

• Meet your customers and potential customers

• Build strong relationships with a market hungry for your services

• Be part of the cybersecurity scene while it is still in the making


• Spread awareness about the need for cyber resilience

• Coach and get coached by cybersecurity leaders

• Hear case studies about success and failure in complex security

• Penetrate new markets

• Position your products and services among world leaders

Top- Level Experts
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caisec '22 was an incredible success!

In June 2022 caisec (Cyber and Information Security Exhibition and Conference)  had its first round, with more than 1,200 top-level experts attending more than 40  sessions and panel discussions spread along two extensive days.

Attendees, speakers, and sponsor were all impressed with the outcome, the setup, the flow of visitors, the topics, the speakers, and the depth of discussions.

The immediate response was hundreds of registrations by  professionals to be enrolled in caisec ’23 , dozens of top-level sponsors booking their place, and a load of inquiries asking about the next round.


  • Drafting a new 5-Year National Cyber Security Strategy (2022 – 2027)
  • Drafting Sectorial Cyber Security Strategies based on the National Strategy and its objectives
  • Creating organizational frameworks, guidelines, and policies to protect national critical infrastructure in all domains against cyber threats
  • Setting clear standards to measure organizations’ readiness to deal with cyber threats and risks
  • Establishing national cyber intelligence centers for cyber information analytics to ward off any possible attacks
  • A National SOC is essential to monitor imminent threats and attacks on national information infrastructure and ensure the readiness of all sectors to discover and respond to cyber security threats.