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Who Will Attend?

1800+ decision makers, from ministers to CEOs, CIOs, CISOs and academics

  • Major Banks & Financial Institutions, Payment Companies
  • The Energy Sector: Electricity and Oil & Gas
  • Telecommunications Sector: Operators & ISPS
  • Government Ministries: The Interior – Finance – Planning – Petroleum -Military Production – Education – Higher Education – Health – Civil Aviation
  • The Armed Forces: Information Technology Division – Signaling Division
  • Regional & International Organizations: ITU – African Union – Arab League
  • Consultants & Consulting Firms
  • Commercial Sectors
  • Professional Associations: FIRST – ISACA – National Training Academy
  • IDSC
  • Suez Canal Authority
  • Arab Organization for Industrialization
  • ACUD
  • Federation of Egyptian Industries
  • Businessmen Associations
  • Universities

Why Participate?

  • Face-to-face meetings with your existing/potential clients
  • Network with your peers and experts from your field
  • Opportunity to speak about your cybersecurity solutions
  • Raise awareness about the significance of cybersecurity in present times
  • Build trust at times when people need it
  • Highlight your brand as a leader in the field
  • Join panel discussions with a mix of providers and users
  • Learn about the needs of the different organizations
  • Network and match-make
  • We are the experts in technology events with more than quarter of a century experience
  • We are the experts not only in technology, but also in analyzing the political scene


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