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Cybersecurity in a New
World Order

caisec ’23

Cybersecurity In a New World Order

The world is reshaping itself, or rather is being reshaped. And despite promises made by world leaders about a world free of hunger and disease, with less wars and conflicts and a whole set of values. What is happening in reality is perhaps almost the opposite. And the more advances taking place, the more risks occur. Security breaches are becoming more common and more complex, resulting in new laws being passed to protect consumers and companies putting security at the center of their decisions.



But counterattacks are there to ward off vicious players. These include new data privacy laws and customers will want to know what kind of data you collect from them and how it is used. However, can we standardize security operations and tailor them to individual jurisdictions.


Also, as organizations support different technologies in different locations, do they have flexible security solutions? Security managers use dozens of tools, but can they reduce their number using SaaS as a preferred method and how will this affect hardware used.


Soon we shall see organizations that are looking at cyber risk in business deals requesting more information about third party’s cybersecurity program, and that will affect an organization’s ratings. Are the different companies aware of this today? When a cybersecurity expert is among the board of directors of any large organization, how will his opinion be accounted for?


All cybersecurity experts agree that corporate resilience is a culture to protect against threats from cybercrime caused by accelerated digital transformation. This culture to be built requires extensive knowledge and continuous learning about risks and resilience against cyber-attackers who will use technology as weapons causing human casualties because malware is spreading from IT to OT, thus causing physical harm.

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