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caisec '23

caisec '23

Hottest Cybersecurity Technology Trends : Thousands of vendors and service providers launch new products every day. We shall hear about the latest trends and tips on how to determine which technologies are best to secure your enterprise.

Building the SOC of the Future: Next-Gen Security Operations

SOCs are evolving at a rapid pace, and while many are adding capabilities such as threat hunting, tools such as orchestration and XDR, the way security teams collect and analyze threat data is also changing. In this session, we shall learn how SOC analysts are improving data security. We shall also learn about how to Accelerate XDR Outcomes, bridging the gap between network and endpoint, and how to launch a threat hunting program

The Power of Diversity: Celebrating women in Cybersecurity.

This session is a celebration of the invaluable contributions that women make to the cybersecurity industry, highlighting the unique perspectives, skills, and experiences that women bring to the field, and explore ways to promote greater diversity and inclusion in cybersecurity. The session will feature inspiring talks from women leaders in cybersecurity who will share their experiences and offer insights into the challenges and opportunities facing women in the industry. These talks will cover a range of topics, including career development, leadership, mentorship, and the importance of diversity and inclusion in building strong cybersecurity teams.

Securing from Within: Building a Strong Defense against Insider Threats

Insider threats are security risks that come from within an organization, whether it's from employees, contractors, or third-party vendors. To protect against these threats, organizations should implement strong access controls, regularly monitor for unusual behavior, provide employee training and awareness programs, and have clear policies in place for handling sensitive information. By considering everyone as a potential insider threat, organizations can take proactive steps to minimize the risk of internal security breaches and protect against threats from within

Protecting Cloud Assets

Cloud-based technologies for many, led to vulnerabilities and a new wave of threats. How can we expand the use of the cloud without exposing ourselves to new vulnerabilities? Let’s take a look at emerging cloud security technologies and threats that target cloud-based services.

Supply Chain Attacks: How to Control what You Can’t Control

Supply chain attacks are difficult to control because they exploit vulnerabilities in third party suppliers that organizations use to deliver their products or services. To mitigate these risks, organizations should implement thorough due diligence processes to assess suppliers' cybersecurity posture and regularly monitor their security controls. They should also enforce contracts that require suppliers to maintain minimum cybersecurity standards and have incident response plans in place to address security breaches in the Supply chain.

Navigating the Battlefield of the Digital Age

This is a must-attend session for anyone interested in cybersecurity, as it will explore the complex and rapidly evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats and provide insights and strategies for navigating this challenging terrain. The session will feature discussions from leading experts in cybersecurity, who will share their experiences and insights into the latest threats and trends in the field. Topics covered will include the rise of cybercrime, the growing threat of state-sponsored hacking, and the challenges of securing critical infrastructure in an increasingly connected world.

Building A Secure Future: Zero Trust by Design

The concept of Zero Trust by Design is a security model that assumes all users, devices, and applications are untrusted and must be verified before being granted access to sensitive data or resources. The session will explore how Zero Trust by Design can help organizations improve their security posture by reducing the likelihood of successful cyberattacks and mitigating the impact of any breaches that occur.

Why Should CISOs & CROs Collaborate in Determining Business Risk?

This is a critical discussion for any organization looking to manage risk effectively. The session will explore the critical role that collaboration between the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and the Chief Risk Officer (CRO) plays in identifying, assessing, and managing business risk.

Building an All-Inclusive Egyptian & Arab Cybersecurity Community

This session is vital for anyone interested in promoting a cybersecurity community in Egypt and the Arab region, inclusive of all individuals and the benefits that such a community can bring to the cybersecurity industry. Noting that caisec ’23 is the only event in the region that brings together the 5 top NGOs in the industry, namely: OWASP, ISACA, ACFE, ISSA and Cloud Security Alliance, the leaders of these organizations’ chapters will look into uniting and opening ways of collaboration to share their experiences and insights into the challenges facing members of the industry.